Board & Train

Are you going on vacation or just wanting a more intensive training program? If so, then Board & Train is for you. Our Board & Train program offers the most comprehensive training experience possible. Unlike boarding at a standard kennel facility, your dog will live in the home of a professional trainer throughout his stay, and get 24/7 guidance, attention, and instruction. He will be treated as a family member and have all the amenities our four legged companions enjoy. He will receive daily exercise including 60 minute walks in the park, swimming (in the hotter months), frequent car rides and outings to dog friendly stores, the opportunity to play and socialize with other dogs, and most importantly, daily formal training sessions.

We will customize a training plan tailored to your specific needs and get to work training your dog in those specific behaviors. We will share frequent progress updates with you, as well as photos and videos of your dog performing his new skills and upon completion of his stay, we will schedule a private transfer lesson with you for each week your dog has stayed with us, so that you can learn how to communicate with your dog and make the behaviors stick.

Benefits to our Board & Train program include:

  • Immersion Training- Your dog spends every waking hour in a controlled environment where every decision is guided and reinforced by a professional trainer with expert timing, consistency, and patience.
  • Faster results-As professionals, we’ve practiced and honed our craft with hundreds of dogs over the years. This means there is less room for human error and reinforcement of unwanted behaviors. We know how to best train and maintain the behaviors in a benevolent, positive learning environment.  We make learning fun and rewarding so your dog wants to cooperate with us.
  • Great for busy families- We understand you want a well-trained dog, but don’t necessarily have the time or the patience to get the job done. Let us do the hard work for you. We will work through the early stages of training and tedious repetition that you may not have time for.
  • Less stress for your dog-traditional kennel environments can be stressful, making learning more difficult. In a home environment, dogs are more relaxed and happier, they receive countless hours of individualized attention and exceptional care.

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